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Best fish experience

The Portuguese Atlantic coastline is a true haven for fish lovers. Join us in this Detour and learn the process taking the best fish from the ocean to the table!


Douro Valley 4x4 Tour

The perfect Detour to stroll around the Douro Wine region off the beaten path. This is a great way to know the Douro Valley - Unesco World Heritage Site in an original and personalized way!


Peneda-Gerês National Park Tour

Want to explore the only Portuguese National Park? Come with us! We will pick you up at your accommodation at about 9am and take you out for a day to remember!


Paiva Walkways Tour

Get ready to be amazed by one of the most beautiful riverside hikes in Europe. Follow the path of the Paiva River providing glorious views and amazing connection with nature. Experience the best nature and gastronomy Portugal has to offer!


Porto Craft Beer

Do you like beer? If so, join us in this unique experience at Porto! Detours will guide you in this sensory adventure through some breweries and at the end we will go with you to a very special pub located at the centre of the city. Don't miss this detour!


Secret Porto

This is a local Detour, with the option to make a picnic in one of Porto’s most charming parks, and transfers between some typical areas. Come with us and be astounded by this magical place!


Surf Experience

With more than 900km of Atlantic shore and a mild weather, Portugal is a surfer’s paradise. Come and enjoy our beach, sun, sea and waves with 100% commodity and safety.


Winter Rafting Madness

Come with us down the most powerfull river in Portugal! Rafting is an adrenaline shot that is at your reach in a memorable day!


Transfer from Porto to Paiva Walkways

Please join this private, reliable, and comfortable transfer as pick up from Porto


Tour specific items


Price:8,00 €

Extreme cannoing

This is the perfect Detour for the more adventurous. Come with us and explore the beauty of our nature. Go beyond your limits!


Tour specific items

Canyoning Shoes Rental

We have special canyoning shoes available for rent! If you wish to bring your own shoes, please remember that they should firmly attach to the feet and provide a comfortable walk in hard terrain and under water!

Price: 7,50 €

Canyoning Shoes Rental - Shoesizes

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