She Changes is a famous sculpture designed by Janet Echelman, inaugurated in 2005. Located in “Praça Cidade do Salvador”, between Porto and Matosinhos. It has the goal to honor the fisherman’s and the fish industry of both cities. This three-dimensional multi-layer net float over the square and it uses an entirely soft and flexible set of membranes moving fluidly in wind almost like fishing net.
The city has made the sculpture its graphic symbol and residents give different interpretations of the work, from fishing nets, ships and masts of the Portuguese maritime history, to Portuguese lace, sea creatures, and ripples in water.

The sculpture is Echelman’s first permanent public art installation. The three support poles are painted white with red stripes to resemble the smokestacks and lighthouses in the area. The net structure is meant to reference the city’s fishing industry.

Did you know that this sculpture is internationally recognized? Sculpture Magazine has considered it as “one of truly significant public artworks in recent years”. It has also reveived an International Achievement Award of Excellence in Architectural Structures. It is a must see monument in your visit.

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