Take a few moments to look at our suggestions for your adventure in Porto!

When visiting Porto you can spend your time visiting monuments… Shopping… Having a coffee by the river…. OR…

going for the best adventure in Porto!

We all need some excitement in our lives… From soft adventure activities to hard adventure experiences, Portugal has it all.

Detours is based in the north of Portugal and we love sharing all the great thing about our home.

Here, you can find very different landscapes and natural features that will bring great joy to all kinds of adventure seekers.

Your adventure in Porto can range from a lovely bike ride along the atlantic coast following the Coastal Way of St. James Path to a thrilling canyoining activity in Arouca Geopark.

Knowing that there is no time to do everything… We decided to create our TOP 5 Adventure Activities in Porto list for you!

TOP 5 – Adventure Activities in Porto

#1 – Surf Experience

Just a few kilometers from Porto you can find great locations for a great surf experience.

Over the last few years Portugal has become an internationally recognized surf destination. Our sunny climate and 830Km of Atlantic Coastline provide plenty of surf spots from north to south.

Around Porto you can find the perfect place for your first surfing experience.

Matosinhos Beach (reacheable from central Porto by metro or BUS) is a long sandy beach with great conditions for begginners.  You do not need any kind of previous experience or surfing gear… just grab your swimsuit and go for it!

After your Surf Experience, we recommend trying out some of the finest fish restaurants in Portugal! Just a few minutes from the beach (walking) there are 2 streets filled with restaurants that try to keep up with the brand “Matosinhos – World’s Best Fish”.

A bit further north or south from Porto, intermediate / advanced level surfing spots are also a great option for more experienced surfers!

#2 – 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge

This is one for the books.

Roughly 90 minutes away from Porto, a suspension bridge spanning 516m has opened in May 2021.

With 516m length and hanging 175m above from the river bed, looking down through its grid-like floor is one unforgettable experience.

Apart with the Paiva Walkways, this structure has been merited with the highest adventure tourism adwards over the last few years.

Located in a region with marvelous food and great traditions, this is a landmark you cannot miss. Take a look at our 516 Suspension Bridge and Paiva Walkways Tour.

#3 – Canyoning near Porto

Around Porto there are two major canyoning destinations.

Both in Peneda Geres National Park and Arouca Geopark, there are rivers that look like they have been tailor made for canyoning lovers.

In Peneda Geres National Park you can find great fun in rivers such as Ribeira de Carcerelha or Rio Arado. Both of them include nice rappeling sections, places to jump into the water, large ponds to enjoy the sun and the guarantee of a great experience!

Further south, in Arouca Geopark, Rio de Frades is like an nature amusement park! Jump up to 12 metres high into deep lagoons (only if you want to!), slide over the lagoons and land straight into the water or simply go step by step and rappel down the slopes gently into the water!

#4 – Discover Peneda Gerês National Park

Peneda Geres is the only National Park in Portugal.

We strongly recommend this region if you enjoy nature and hiking.

If your plan is to spend a week or more at the park, take a look at the GR50 – Grande Rota Peneda Geres. You can make your way from west to the east, crossing the whole park in around 190km.

This route is designed to make you go through the villages that are spread along the park. Your presence will bring life and improve the local economy! Remember to buy local!

If you are staying in Porto and want to visit the national park in one day… Please take a look at our Peneda Geres National Park Tour.

#5 – Rafting

In case you are a thrill seeker and visiting Porto in the winter, a Rafting Experience is the right choice for you!

The river Paiva is located 90 minutes away from Porto. When the fall ends and the winter starts, the rainfall in this region raises the water volume and the fun beggins!

The rafting season is usually between November and April, but if this is one of your main reasons to visit Portugal, we recommend you to join us in February / March.

Choosing the right adventure in Porto

If you are still not sure about the right kind of adventure for you, please contact us!

We will do our best to clarify all your questions and make your adventure experience in Porto memorable and 100% safe.

São João in the city of Porto