We want to tell you more about our “Human Side of Portugal – The path to sustainability” – philosophy.

Centuries of evolution have brought us to a point where we can discover the world and have free time to make the most of our planet.

We can discover new cultures, try new food, feel different emotions and create amazing memories.

It is now time to understand that the world may change too fast and too dramatically if we do not take in consideration the global and local impact of our actions.

Our Mission

“Provide our customers with real experiences, outside the common tourist itinerary.
We want to make known the wonders of our country from a local point of view, sharing knowledge about our culture, our gastronomy, and our day-to-day. ”

Detours Team

Our Philosophy

We believe that this mission brings us an extra responsability when it comes to the preservation of cultural and natural features of Porto and Northern Portugal.

To help us fulfill our role in society, our company philosophy is simply… the “Human Side of Portugal – The path to sustainability”.

Our Actions

All actions start from within, and that is why Detours takes great care for the well being of our employees, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, promoting frequent meetings for moments of conviviality and providing personal training and development.

There is an effort to create the best possible conditions to all who choose to work with us. Our colaborators may find their own space, their own projects and help the continuous growth and well-being of our family in their unique way.

To have a true impact on our surroundings, we project our internal philosophy into our services.

We make sure to get to know our local partners and the inhabitants of the locations where we operate. We believe that the connection between people is the greatest bond that can be created with the territories and the best possible way to create a sustainable and successful future.

Who we support

We support local development projects in each territory where we operate.

From Peneda Geres National Park, to Arouca Geopark with Douro Valley and Porto in between.

In each of these location we select project that share common values with us and make a direct contribution to their efforts.

Everytime we get a booking from our guests, a % of that value is used to support the local communities.

Examples of that are the Associação Vezeira de Fafião  in Peneda Gerês National Park or the SAOM services in Porto.

These projects range from the construction of a support unit for the elderly, through initiatives to integrate people with disabilities into the world of employment or even to maintain cultural practices such as Folklore groups, etc.

Our Partners

Our choice of local partners ensures that the revenue produced by our services will be felt and have a direct impact on the local economy.

By providing an extra income to these rural communities we are making our contribution to keep the traditions alive and to improve the life of the ones that welcome us into their homes everyday.

We have partners in areas of activities ranging from animation, through logistical support or providers of picnics and meals.

Furthermore, we practice a “Fair Trade” policy with our local partners, promoting the use of local products / resources, and providing a fair payment for their services.

Our Future

We believe that tourism only makes sense when integrated into the surrounding community and when it has a positive impact on everything around it.

By taking a tour with us, our customers will be contributing directly to improving the living conditions of the people they meet on the way, the people who greet them, smile at them and make their day memorable!

Join us!

Take a Detour!

Small Group in Peneda Geres National Park