The Municipal Market of Angeiras it’s an authentic bless to fish and seafood lovers. If you get inside you will find yourself lost with so many fish species and seafood. Get ready to be surprised by the freshness, quality and variety of the products (many of them were caught in the same morning), get ready as well to be induced to buy.

The market has a new dynamic. After the restoration works, in 2008, new business proposals on the market, especially from 2012, were created to coexist side by side with the fish stalls, which are to maintain. The strategy preserves the traditional side of the market, while creating conditions for commercial and work spaces to install any building.



Fish markets are deep inside the Portuguese culture and “we” find it quite normal to buy the best fish in the world. Did you know that men are responsible for catching and bring the fish while the ladies use their commercial skills to sell it? Yes, that’s very Portuguese! The best part is that you can experience all that with your own eyes!

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