Although Portugal is best known for its wine, the production of craft beer has grown exponentially in recent years, conquering more and more palates. With a variety of styles and flavors, Portuguese beers offer a unique experience to lovers of this drink.

In a Thriving Market

Despite Portugal’s renowned wine culture, the craft beer industry has seen remarkable growth, captivating an increasing number of enthusiasts. New breweries emerge annually, each exploring diverse styles and ingredients. From classic Pale Ales and IPAs to innovative Sour Ales and Stouts, national beers have garnered international recognition, with several awards in global competitions.

A Flavorful Journey

Portuguese craft beers promise an immersive journey across the country’s diverse landscapes. From the rugged north to the sun-kissed south, beers boast unique characteristics shaped by regional influences. In the north, hoppy beers prevail, exuding intense aromas and flavors, while the south offers lighter, refreshing brews with hints of fruitiness.

An Immersive Venture

For beer aficionados, a deep dive into the Portuguese beer universe awaits through specialized tours. Detours offers a unique opportunity to explore the craft beer production process, from meticulous ingredient selection to the final art of tasting.

Embark on the Detours Tour

The excursion begins with a fascinating brewery visit, granting participants an up-close view of each production stage. Subsequently, the tour progresses to a second production site, where engaging discussions with master brewers shed light on the nuances of various beer styles.

The experience culminates at one of Porto’s premier craft beer bars, where participants indulge in tastings of five distinct beer types, gaining a comprehensive understanding of Portugal’s rich beer culture.

Take the Path Less Traveled!

For beer enthusiasts seeking a unique Portuguese experience, the Detours tour beckons. Discover the flavors and aromas of Portuguese craft beers for an unforgettable day filled with exploration and delight!

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