Why did we choose to operate Small Group Tours in Porto?

Since the day we started our company we had a clear view of what we wanted to provide our guests authentic and meaningful experiences.

With that in mind… this was the only possible choice!

There are many benefits in choosing small group tours… let us talk about some of them.

1. Safer Experiences

Feeling safe while travelling is the only way you will be able to completely enjoy your trip.

Recent safety issues about COVID-19 have highlighted the importance of keeping every detail under control.

A reduced number of participants ensures that all medical risks are minimized.

Apart from the sanitary and medical safety, the local knowledge we provide also alows our guests to have a safer experience while venturing further into the less traveled paths.

Canyoning small group at Arouca Geopark
Good moments during the Douro Valley 4x4 Tour

2.  Greater interaction with our Guides

The relation between the guide and the guest is a key ingredient for a successful experience!

Feel comfortable to share your questions, get to know details and points of view that you cannot find in audio-guides and internet guides and understand your surroundings rather than just seeing them.

If yet to know the guide… and let him get to know you… chances are that you will end up having a unique experience!

3. Connection with the local population

By lowering the number of guests per tour, we are able to get deeper into the local communities without impacting their lives in a negative way. Because of that, we have a warm welcome waiting for us throughout our tours.

We get to know the people that live and work in the remote regions that we visit… and make sure that our present has a positive impact for them.
Because of that, we can witness first hand how local inhabitants are proud of their communities, proud of the natural wonders that surround them and proud to be good hosts!

The catch of the day during our Best Fish Experince Tour

4. Feel the moment

Within all our tours, our guests can take the time to experience things at their own pace.

The reduced number of guests gives us the opportunity to stop in unexpected places, go a little further, stay a little longer… etc.

These are just some examples of why we think small group tours in Porto are great!

We are hoping for the world to get back on track… and when all is well… we will be here waiting for you!

Stay safe, take a Detour!

Workers of the Douro Valley