Looking for Private Tours in Porto? We create amazing private tours from Porto to main cities, natural parks, and historical places in north of Portugal.

Professional and exclusive touristic services. All tours are customized, from the itinerary to the accommodation. Exclusively made for you, they include pick-up and drop-off and a private official guide.

All human beings are unique and have particular ways of enjoying life. A private tour may be the best solution for a wide variety of situations. At Detours we want to provide you with the best experience possible!

1 – Custom Tracking

By choosing a private tour, you can be assured that you will have personalized follow-up, from program creation to activity development.

You can explain your preferences and create your unique and unrepeatable experience.

2- Adaptability of the program

When you choose a private tour you are free to adjust the course of the day as time goes on.

Is it sunny and want to spend more time enjoying nature bathing in the crystal clear lagoons? No problem! The decision is yours… Breakfast was too early and you want to anticipate lunch time? Let’s do this… we can adapt the program without problem!

3 – Make the most of guide knowledge

Do you like to know everything there is to know about a place or its people, but don’t like to interact in public?

When you are on a private tour you can expose all your questions in a natural and hassle free way. Knowing new details or asking facts that are not directly related to the tour is a natural thing and is encouraged throughout the day!

4 – Self Pace

Not sure if your walking level is too fast or too slow for a group tour? Opt for a private tour. Our guides can suggest places to visit based on your past experience, skills and preferences!

5 – Conditional Hours

Have a special dinner scheduled and want to make sure you arrive on time? You have your return flight scheduled for mid-afternoon, but would you like to make the most of your last day in Portugal?

There are so many reasons why we may not be able to meet the regular tour schedule… talk to us and we will adapt the entire program so you can enjoy your worry-free and relaxing holiday!

6 – Special Occasions

Is this your wedding anniversary and want to have a private experience? Have a family reunion and want to create a memorable moment?

We are a Portuguese Tour Operator specialised in group tours and customised private tours from Porto. Our team has highly qualified and experienced people who are able to organise unique, fun and educational tours.

Based on our experience and knowledge, we designed programs that will make your life easier, allowing you to save time on research, money and patience.

We select our partners based on their value of service, excellence and their ability to provide a unique experience while making contact with local culture and nature.

We are responsible for planning and organizing the entire trip and we are able to solve every problem that comes up.

Tours have a fixed departure date and price. On these Tours, people with different nationalities share the same vehicle and the driver/guide will speak Portuguese, English and French. With these Tours you can meet new people and enable new friendships.

Private Tours are customisable and with fully adjustable programs to fit your needs and expectations, from the itinerary to the accommodation. You will have a VIP fleet for you and an exclusive guide that will speak your language.

Made exclusively for your, a Private Tour can be adapted and customised according to your needs and expectations. The possible changes can include adjustments to the itinerary. We can also design a new program based on your budget and specifications for the trip.

Yes, it’s possible to design a specific Tour/Event for companies. We are able to make unique programs that inspire people, grow business and motivate teams. From Events to Teambuilding activities, we make an incredible corporate program completely customisable and that will fit your needs and budget.

Private tours are the answer to your wishes!

If you can’t find the solution you’re looking for, challenge us!

Take a private Detour