Detours работает с командой местных партнеров, которые знают, как наслаждаться жизнью. Мы знаем все о местных обычаях, вкусах, культуре и истории мест, которые мы предлагаем Вам к посещению. Мы тоже любим путешествовать и знаем насколько ценны истинные впечатления и аутентичность происходящего. Именно поэтому мы всегда включаем в наши туры непосредственное общение с местным населением, и участие в повседневной жизни обитателей, такой подход позволяет почувствовать себя не просто туристом, а частью окружающего мира…

Гиды и онлайн ресурсы предлагают сейчас большой объем информации практически обо всем на свете и мы знаем, что иногда путешественникам сложно сделать свой выбор и решить куда двигаться дальше. Следуйте за нам и мы покажем Вам самые интересные мест. Мы не гиды, мы жители этой необыкновенной страны, которую мы любим и которую, надеемся, полюбите и Вы.

Our History


3,2,1 Start! Making the most of our passion for Porto and the National Park, we created the Secret Porto Detour and the Geres Waterfall Trek to begin with! It was with true pleasure and happiness that we discovered that our guests ended the tours loving these places (almost) as much as us! That gave us motivation to show them more and more…


We are an adventurous group of people… and so… the next step was the obvious one! Let’s develop adventure tours!
On the same year we started the Surf Experience, the Extreme Canyoning and the Douro Valley 4×4 tours.
At the end of the year we could tell that it was a good idea!
But then the rain started to fall… hard… and we did what we had to… Rafting activities!!!


Getting stronger…


Continuing to spread the Portuguese culture to our guests we created two new experiences that embodied our philosophy.

The Best Fish Experience was developed in cooperation with an association of local fishermen and a canning factory famous for its traditional methods of fabric. The idea is to understand the whole process that takes the wonderful Portuguese fish from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the table!

The Paiva Walkways Tour is created around the Paiva Walkways, a recent structure built on the shores of the Paiva River, in the heart of Arouca Geopark.
The region itself was already a great place to visit for those who want to go deep into the Portuguese countryside… so we decided to put together a tour filled with local culture, wonderful gastronomy and relaxing atmosphere.


At Detours we are always looking to keep up with the local vibe and trends… we noticed that in the last couple of years people became very interested in Craft Beer… there was a big growth in local craft breweries and Craft Beer pubs!
Because Portugal is not all about wine… and we like beer (just a little bit… ) we organized the Porto Craft Beer Tour so that our guests can have the “back-office” access and try out the best there is in Porto!

2018 - 2499

We will keep on working hard to let the travelers know just how great our home is… and we will be expecting to welcome… you!

All our best,
Rodrigo, Diogo, Tiago, Mário, Pedro, João, Daniela, ……


Мы объединяем профессионализм с местными знаниями, следуем последним трендам и выбираем наилучшие места к посещению в любое время года. Мы позаботимся о логистике и спланируем лучшее приключение для Вас, а также предоставим все необходимое снаряжение для наших самых экстраординарных впечатлений. Мы стараемся предугадывать желания наших клиентов

Наша миссия

Наша миссия – предложить нашим клиентам уникальный опыт и впечатления, нестандартные туры. Мы хотим открыть Вам красоту нашей страны изнутри, будь то культура, гастрономия или повседневная жизнь. Мы предлагаем Вам наш Detour.

The Team

Почему Detour?

Если Вы больше путешественник чем турист, то тогда наша компания Detours – идеальный выбор для Вас!
Порту и Северная Португалии предлагают отличные возможности для каньонинга, трекинга, и, конечно же, для серфинга, именно поэтому мы предлагаем Вам свернуть со стандартных маршрутов и пуститься вперед на поиски новых впечатлений и настоящих приключений!
Наша цель – поделиться с Вами нашим опытом и любовью к Португалии.
Позвольте нам показать Вам как на самом деле выглядит наша страна изнутри, приобщить Вас к нашей культуре и традициям, познакомить с настоящей жизнью наших городов и с сельской жизнью. На сегодняшний день мы разработали для Вас несколько туров Detours которые помогут вам почувствовать себя не просто наблюдателем, но и участником событий.
Почувствуйте Португалию! Совершите свой Detour!

Recognized by Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence since 4 years


  • Paiva Valley Walkway A lovely day trip, would highly recommend. Diogo our driver/guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Interesting drive out to the start of the walk. The walk along the valley was very scenic and apart from a bit of climb at the beginning was very easy going. Diogo met us half day with drinks and snacks. Picked us up at the end of the walk and took us for a great meal. The beef was excellent.

    Richard and Tina
  • The high point of our visit This excursion was the high point of our three week Portugal holiday. The hikes through the national park were exquisite, the views serene, our guide, Diego, was a perfect host, and the lunch was peaceful and delicious. I hope to go again on our next visit.

    Lee W, Oak Park - US
  • Terrific guides!!! Diego did a fantastic job with our hiking tour. He was a wealth of information and we all had a great day. Thanks again!!!!!

    Slhyldahl, New Jersey
  • MUST HAVE experience We joined the Geres Waterfall Trek one day tour in May. Rodrigo was the guide on that day, he has good driving skill, he can manage all kind of services with the 4 x 4 like driving on a city road, while he can also give you some fun with the 4 x 4 too. (...) The most important thing, this environmental friendly guy enjoys his job. You will enjoy too.

    Savoy W, Hong Kong
  • Amazing Geres Waterfall trip!!! Me and my friends had an amazing day trip with Diogo! He took us to amazing spots the Geres Waterfalls. After we had an amazing swim in the waterfall, we hiked backed up and went to the highest point of the Geres mountains which was just breathless. He also organized an amazing picnic for all of us with delicious food. Kayaking in the river was one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip. Thank you Diogo for being very friendly and kind to us. We will definitely visit Portugal again!

    Mohamed Gamal, Egypt