Explore Porto and North of Portugal awe-inspiring scenery at your own pace.

Our Self Drive tours offer you the opportunity to drive along pre-selected routes that highlight some of the best sights of Porto and North of Portugal. You can set the pace, choose where and when you make photo stops and take breaks along the way. Experience your dream vacation your way!

Your self drive tour includes rental car, accommodation, maps and more. Just pick your road trip music and go!



Plan your Porto tour with peace of mind



Visit one of the world’s safest cities



Professional service from trusted local experts



Our packages are customisable to your needs



We are proud of our service quality and great reviews



We plan and book your entire trip before you arrive



While on your journey, help is never out of reach


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Why Purchase A Self Drive Tour in Porto?

A stress free driving holiday – Keep the driving relaxed and don’t miss anything with our easy-to-follow lay out.

Experience the Best – We are completely independent and only recommend places on their merits. By the same measure, we tell you if we think something is over-rated, or over-priced.

Rest Assured – Excellent accommodation at your chosen price point.

Plan with Confidence – You can rely on our guides because they are updated several times a year and you can email us with any extra questions you have.

Feel Like a Local – With our local knowledge you discover the great places that most tourists miss.

24/7 phone support during your adventure for peace of mind.

Car rental with free unlimited Wi-Fi, GPS, unlimited mileage, and insurance.

How it works?

It’s a simple idea!
One document, that you can save on your phone or tablet, which contains all that you need to know for planning a self drive tour in Porto.

Easy to follow
The information for each tour is laid out in the order you need it with recommendations for each day. So you don’t have to spend hours on the internet researching things to do and how to fit it all in.

Step by Step
Each journey leg has clear route directions that highlight the places worth visiting as you get to them. We also suggest how to schedule each day so you make the best use of your time.

Just picture it …
Instead of following the tourist crowds on the busy main roads you can explore the quiet back roads and charming villages.
Instead of tacky tourist traps and queues, you can discover hidden standing stones and cozy pubs where the locals go.


One of the great pleasures of self driving tours is to be able to make things your way! We are totally available to customize your tour and find the perfect solution for you.

We recommend that you organize your flights as far in advance as possible so that the best options for accommodations and activities are still available!

If you are not sure about travel dates or other details, we strongly recommend you to get a travel insurance that covers any unexpected last minute change.

ID CARD and Passport

This will be a very important element for your trip! Do not forget it at home!


Driving Licence

If you have a driver licence for one of this countries:

Argélia, Argentina, Austrália, Áustria, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bélgica, Benim, Botsuana, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgária, Burkina Faso, Camboja, Canadá, República Central Africana, Chile, Congo, Costa do Marfim, Croácia, Cuba, Chipre, República Checa, República Democrática do Congo, Dinamarca, República Dominicana, Equador, Egito, Ilhas Fiji, Finlândia, França, Geórgia, Gana, Grécia, Guatemala, Haiti, Vaticano, Hungria, Islândia, Índia, Irlanda, Israel, Itália, Jamaica, Japão, Jordânia, Quirguistão, República Democrática Popular do Laos, Líbano, Lesoto, Liechtenstein, Lituânia, Luxemburgo, Madagáscar, Malawi, Malásia, Mali, Malta, Mônaco, Montenegro, Marrocos, Namíbia, Holanda, Nova Zelândia, Níger, Nigéria, Noruega, Papua Nova Guiné, Paraguai, Peru, Filipinas, Polônia, Portugal, República da Coreia, Romênia, Federação Russa, Ruanda, São Marino, Senegal, Sérvia, Sérvia, Serra Leoa, Singapura, Eslováquia, Eslovênia, África do Sul, Espanha, Sri Lanka, Suécia, Suíça, República Árabe Síria, Tailândia, Togo, Trinidad e Tobago, Tunísia, Turquia, Uganda, Emirados Árabes Unidos, Reino Unido da Grã-Bretanha e Irlanda do Norte, Estados Unidos da América, Venezuela (República Bolivariana da), Vietnam e Zimbabué. Andorra, Angola, Cabo-Verde, UAE, Marrocos, Moçambique, São Tomé e Principe, Suiça and Brazil.

You are allowed to drive here for 185 days following your entry in Portugal.


Credit Card

To go ahead with the car rental you will always need to leave your credit card number. Please make sure that your cards plafond is enough to cover the Deductiible Fee applied to the vehicle you selected.



Pack according to the time of the year and your personal preferences!

If you come to Portugal in the winter and you are a hiking lover you should bring comfortable waterproof hiking shoes and clothes… if you are coming over during the summer and love a good swim… pack light, lots of bikinis and beach shorts, a super towel and a small backpack to carry water and fruit… and go for it!


Electronic Devices

Portugal has a vast Wi-fi network. You will be able to find it in most restaurants, hotels and accommodations, even in the most remote spots. If you want to stay connected with the world… bring your mobile device (phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc.) and go for it.

To rent a car, it is mandatory that you bring the following:

  • CREDIT CARD (under the same name as the driver)

Yes. Our tours are designed to be enjoyable throughout all the year, with specific hints depending on the date chosen!

Our operations team will be available to help you in any emergency during your stay.

We have a phone-line open 24/7 to give you an immediate feedback on any issues you might encounter during your stay.

In case you need medical assistance, we have insurance. However, we strongly recommend that you plan ahead and make a travel insurance that may cover this and other unexpected situations you may encounter.

Once you check in at the Hotel on the first night, we will do a briefing where all the most relevant information will be given again and a Detours- Self Drive Tour Guide will be handed to you.

Besides, all the GPS treks will be uploaded and a explanation on how to use the device will be given.

Cancellation is free of charge prior 31 days of the starting day.

–    The booking deposit 90 Euro (or a special sum for group tours and half day tours) is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the tour after booking has been confirmed. The fee is kept as a deposit on the Tourist’s account for future booking(s).

If Tourist cancels the booked tour for some reasons not depending on Tour Operator, the following sums are kept back as a fine:

–    10% of total cost of tourist product in case of cancellation 30 days prior to the tour;

–    50% of total cost of tourist product in case of tour cancellation 15-7 days prior to the tour;

–    90% of total cost of tourist product in case of tour cancellation 7 and fewer days prior to the tour;

–    99% of total cost of tourist product due to the Tourist’s failure to appear at the airport no more than 2 hours prior to departure or non-admission on the flight owing to circumstances beyond the Tour Operator’s controls.