Full-day tour of Douro Valley in a 4×4 vehicle

We started our company in the year of 2013. Since then, our aim was to show our guests the essence of Portugal. Clearly, the best way to do it is by taking small groups into meaningful places and spots that are representative of our culture and traditions. This is why we choose to be Small Group Tour Experts in Porto and Northern Portugal.

With that in mind, over the last seven years we have been cultivating our relations, selecting our guides, our partners and deepening the bonds with the local workers and inhabitants.

Our expertly-designed itineraries include once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking you to the must-see highlights as well as hidden gems not known to the typical tourist and leaving you feeling that you’ve really explored.

We have an maximum group size of just 12 people, not so big that you’re lost in a coach-load of people, and big enough that you’ll find and make new friends. Our tours are perfect for travellers looking for the fun and reassurance of travelling with a small group. Equally, our tours suit couples, friends and families looking for stories to tell for a lifetime.

Private Tours are also a good option if you rather have tailor-made experiences!

That way, our small group tours can really show what northern Portugal is all about. Explore our range of small group tours – which extraordinary destination will you choose?

Check out our Peneda Geres National Park Tours to discover the wonders of the only National Park in Portugal, or hike along the margins of the Paiva river with our Paiva Walkways Tour programs!

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Unforgettable experiences

From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you’ve really explored.

Expert local guides

Chosen for great knowledge of their country, and a passion to make your trip extraordinary.

Small groups

Average groups of 12, couples, families and friends, united by a desire for authentic experiences.

We do the right thing

How we operate sets us apart; our flexible booking policy, loyalty scheme & sustainable approach.




Tours that more oriented towards the groups needs

Our tour have specific itineraries and pre-defined stops. However, every day is different.The guides get to know the guests and can quickly adapt certain details to offer an experience that better suits the group’s needs and interests. All in all, this is the main factor that defines us small group tour experts in Porto.


A greater chance to clarify any doubts the guests may have

While being in a small group, the guests can take the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the places visited on the tour, or even about different details regarding the lifestyle or portuguese culture and tradition.

The guide is right there! Just go ahead and ask.


The opportunity for our guests to create bonds with the guides

Throughout out our experiences, there is always time for small stop… a coffee break… a nice lunch or simply a timeout to contemplate the landscape. These moments are usually accompanied by small chat about everything and nothing.. just enjoying the moment is enough.


Reduced stress to the spots visited

Many of the places we chose to show you are located in remote locations, or ran by local families. It is vital that our presence does not spoil the essence of the places or affect them in any negative way.

By keeping the groups small, we guarantee that our service brings nothing but positive things to our hosts.

A warm welcome wherever we stop

All in all, this is the most important factor. To feel that the people we visit are trully happy to welcome us and the spots we show you keep getting more and more beautiful everyday!

If you are planning to visit Portugal choose a small group tour!

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