In the current global scenario, sustainability emerges as a crucial imperative to address environmental, social and economic challenges.

Sustainability is, thus, essential to ensure the preservation of natural resources and the quality of life for future generations. It involves practices, whose main objective is to balance economic, social and environmental development, to ensure progress without compromising the environment and the opportunities of future generations.


The Importance of Sustainability


Currently, people are more aware of the importance of sustainability for environmental preservation, however, it also integrates into other fundamentals, namely economic development and social responsibility.

Sustainable practices result in energy efficiency, waste reduction and technological innovation. This not only benefits the environment, but also, generates cost savings and promotes long-term economic growth.

Furthermore, sustainability also encompasses a social dimension, addressing issues of equity, justice and respect for human rights. Promoting fair working conditions, workplace safety and investment in local communities are essential aspects of social responsibility.



the image shows a dirty hand grabbing a plant sprout


“Go Green” Philosophy of Detours


We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into our work. Our “Go Green” philosophy is not just a business strategy, but a commitment to the environment and local communities.

Therefore, our entire team embodies a spirit of conservation of nature and natural resources to minimize environmental impact.

We take pride in operating in areas of great beauty and natural importance, so we opt for a conscious and respectful use of them. Thus, we encourage all our guides to actively collaborate in cleaning up the territories where we operate to ensure their proper use and the removal of litter found along the way.

Additionally, we are adopting more effective measures to reduce our environmental impact, namely:

– renewing our fleet;

– improving the maintenance of our used vehicles;

– ending the use of plastics during our tours;

– choosing local partners with sustainable practices for supplying picnics and lunches on tours.


In this image you can see a river landscape in the Arouca Geopark.


Finally, we encourage our guides to adopt an educational approach with our clients, aiming to foster greater environmental awareness in each one.

By booking a tour with us, you are contributing to this philosophy, which is of great importance in environmental conservation!



Sustainability is essential to ensure a prosperous and equitable future for future generations. Thus, it is possible to integrate sustainable practices in all areas of operation, in order to promote environmental responsibility and strengthen the commitment to sustainability.

In addition to reducing the negative impact on the environment, we want to be agents of positive change in society!

In the picture, you can see one of the Detours guides receiving the sponsorship certificate for the wild goat of Gerês from the Vezeira Foundation.